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GOROGGER will help you tell your Story, how you are different and highlight your uniqueness. A traditional resume can never highlight your uniqueness. You can use your smile, humor, body language, facial expressions, and vibrancy to engage with the hiring manager. You can put a face to the achievements and experience. You can talk about your passion and enthusiasm. You can make them get a feel for you—and for why they should hire you.

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Having a profile on GOROGGER is like having a virtual interview on cloud. This will helps candidates to directly reach the final stages of interview and possibly avoid redundant initial interview level. Where you just talk about your basic skills and try to bring forward your personality

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Most paper resumes are cookie-cutter. They list what you’ve accomplished and your experience, but they don’t demonstrate your learned skills. Your Story can better discuss and showcase skills relevant to the job.

Optimize your first impressions

Video interviews can help you have the perfect first impression. And first impressions are crucial to hiring success. You can present yourself in the best possible light to hiring managers

Take control of your profile

In a similar vein, you can control how you appear to employers—and how they are likely to respond to you. You never know how an interviewer will read your resume, and oftentimes it is highly dependent on their mood.

Show your personality

Employers are keen to know if the candidate would fit their corporate culture. They look for candidates with excellent communication skills, attitude, confidence, and command over language and the X factor

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